Our Founders

About Our Founders

The inception of HomeArte India traces back to its founders, Mrs. Nidhi Bhalla and Kanika Bhalla.

Mrs. Kanika Bhalla has successfully established a prominent position in the stone-based home décor products industry. Her extensive experience and unwavering motivation have propelled the company ahead of competitors. In collaboration with Nidhi Bhalla, she founded HomeArte in Jaipur in 2018. Taking charge of the business, Mrs. Bhalla, with her entrepreneurial skills and innovative approach, expanded into a new venture called "All Products and Crafts," operating within the handicraft business vertical. She employed distinctive designs, incorporating an array of stones like marble, mother of pearl, agate, and other semi precisions gemstones into all of her home décor creations.        
Mrs. Nidhi Bhalla, a passionate co-founded HomeArte with Kanika Bhalla in 2018. With a family background in the stone business, she seamlessly integrated her interest into the company's vision. Since its inception, HomeArte, under Mrs. Nidhi Bhalla's leadership, has experienced continuous growth with no turning back. Beyond being a manufacturer, Mrs. Bhalla has actively promoted the involvement of women artisans, emphasizing premium craftsmanship. Her commitment to women's empowerment is evident in the employment opportunities she has provided to women within the industry. Over the years, she has worked with various designs and diverse range of stones, showcasing her dedication to innovation and excellence in the field.