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A one Stop solution for all your gifting needs.
They have a beautiful collection of Agate and Marble products with an impeccable finish and a pinch of Luxury added to it.
Highly recommend 👌

Ruchi Pareek

The products are very good and elegant. Especially love their Rakhi collection and Coasters set.

Vineet Agrawal

Very nice products and very well priced!!!

meenal doshi

Awesome Collection and totally Value for money!


It's always best to decorate your home with your artistic expression! A place where you laugh, have fun, and make memories should be full of beauty and warmth. Home decoration is an important factor in achieving this attractive look. Since your home is your personal space, it should be decorated to your liking and reflect who you are. Decorating your home with home decor items is a great way to add a personal touch and make your home aesthetically appealing.

Keeping in mind how important decorating the house has become in today's life, decorating it becomes a difficult task. HomeArteIndia is here to help you create an attractive space with trendy home decor products. We have a huge collection of home decor items that you can buy online!

At our store, you can buy exquisite home decor products to decorate your home. We have created over 15 product categories that offer something special for every home and office. You can explore different product categories, learn about deals of the day, discover the latest trends, and find many leading brands on our website.

Reasons to buy best home decor items

• Helps create your space: Decorating your home with decor items helps create ambiance. For example, you recently moved to a new city and home. You miss your home. Keep the photo lamp your mother gave you next to your bed. With this you will enjoy the beauty of your home.

• Add a personal touch: Your home is your place; Normally it must have something to do with it. Buying home decor products is an easy and smart way to add a touch of beauty to your office & home. HomeArteIndia has a variety of offers to choose from. You can choose the decoration items as per your choice.

• Make your home happy: Your home should be such that it keeps you and everyone who visits your home happy. Home decor products are unique and stylish. Add beauty to your home naturally. HomeArteIndia has a wide catalog of diverse and wonderful items for the home, Office. You can buy it to complement your new home or to renovate your existing space.

• Can express positive things: Home is the place where you should feel safe and comfortable. Home decor items help in creating a beautiful environment in your home. Beautiful things like wall clocks, wall hangings, candle holders, Coasters, and much more will help you with this. So, if you feel confused, consider meditating in front of your home temple or spending some alone time with your plants. It will create magic for you. It will calm your mind and make you happy.


Welcome to our store, homeArteIndia is one of the best home decor items online stores. Find the perfect home decor accents for your home and living space with our premium home decor collection. HomeArtIndia is the online shopping store for the most luxurious home decor products for unique home decor products. We take pride in curating a diverse collection of luxurious home decor items that will appeal to discerning consumers looking to take their room decor to new heights.

Such as wall hangings, candle holders, cutlery holders, desk clocks, wall clocks, pastry stands, tissue paper stands, coasters, napkin rings, cake stands, trays with agate, decorative plates, tealight holders, and table lamps. Choose from a wide range of the best home decor items.

At our store, you are provided with a plethora of home decor options to choose from, be it decorating your home, office, bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, kids room or bathroom; You can choose the best home decor products that will match your home.

Following are the different types of home decor products you can search at our store: Wall hangings are the most popular decor products. You can hardly search for a home or a cafe and office not decorated with wall hangings. At Home Arte India, you can find wall hanging in various designs, colors, sizes, and prices. You can also buy Agate Wall Art for your wall hanging at our store.


How to decorate your home on the lowest budget?
Buying home decorations products is a great way to decor your home. A few simple yet unique decor products can decorate your home’s appeal effortlessly. Plus, you do not have to spend a fortune to decorate your home. We have several stunning home decor items within your budget.
What are the different home decor items available?
HomeArteIndia has a vast home decor item catalog to choose from. You can pick Tealight Holder, wall clocks, Wall Hangings, Candle holders, Cutlery holders, Wall clocks, a Variety of Coasters, and more. You can use the filter tool to shop from various categories.
What are home decor items suitable for gifting?
Decorative products for the home also make one of the finest gifts. The gift’s receiver will always remember you as they cherish the home decor gift forever. You can find specialized decor gift sets category on the HomeArteIndia website. Check it out to buy the best gifts this season.