Women Empowerment

Empowered women empower the world:

At Home Arte, we believe in the power of women. Our story began with two incredible women, Nidhi Bhalla and Kritika Bhalla, who envisioned a brand that not only celebrated handmade craftsmanship but also uplifted local women in their community. Nidhi and Kritika started this journey with a simple idea: to create beautiful, handcrafted products that reflect the skill and dedication of local artisans. They understood that women possess a unique blend of patience and delicacy, qualities that are essential in crafting handmade goods. As our brand grew, so did our commitment to empowering women. Today, the heart and soul of our business lie in the hands of these talented artisans, who are predominantly women from our community.

Women empowerment is a cornerstone of sustainable development:

By providing them with a platform to showcase their skills, we are not only promoting their financial independence but also fostering a sense of pride and empowerment. We firmly believe that industries driven by women are not just businesses; they are catalysts for social change. Through their work, these women are breaking barriers, challenging stereotypes, and paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable society. Every purchase you make from Home Arte is not just a transaction; it's a small step towards supporting women's empowerment. Together, let's celebrate the strength, resilience, and creativity of women everywhere.